Mister Mascara Precision Point Tweezers

Try getting these babies through airport security! They look pretty scary as far as ‘things you put near to your eyes’ go, and I was slightly scared about trying them out. Newsflash: they’re brilliant! I think that I may actually prefer using this type of ‘precision’ tool to the usual flat-ended tweezers! I’m quite good at doing my eyebrows, partly because I keep them true to their natural shape and thickness, just plucking the odd stray, and partly because every year or so I get some brow genius on a shoot to give them a good going over. My week-to-week job is to merely keep them in check, getting rid of those annoying little hairs that sprout out at weird angles. So it’s not as though I have used these to do a full-on brow overhaul, but for general maintenance they make life very easy.

The precision point on the Mister Mascara tweezers allows you to get right to the root of every single hair, rather than trapping other hairs between the flatter-ended tweezers. It’s also rather good for digging out splinters, cake decorating and poking about with the dry skin on your lips. (Don’t ask.) General Health Warning: if you wear glasses and take your glasses off to pluck your brows, then perhaps these tweezers wouldn’t be such a good idea. They’re as sharp as they look. Also, if you’re prone to sudden bouts of clumsiness or spasm, then these are probably not the ones for you. Just saying.

Precision Point Tweezers are £7.74 from Mister Mascara.

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