Moan to a Model: Goody Spin Pins

Goodness – not the most inspiring of photographs, is it? These little things are, however, utterly genius. They fix your hair into an ‘up-do’ in a matter of seconds, and even an absolute fool could use them. You know the people who manage to drive the wrong way down motorways after trying to rob a bank with a courgette? Even they could use these.

This is the second of my ‘moan to a model’ feature. Most of you won’t remember this feature, as there has only been one other and that was right at the beginning (which was only about three or four months ago, believe it or not!) I was anxious that  ‘moan to a model’ might encourage all kind of boring problems, and I was right: stories about unfair telephone bills, tales of unrequited love – bloody hell, I almost left town, I tell you!

So; Moan to a Model. Let’s keep it cool and to the point, guys – you send me a problem that is remotely beauty/fashion/model related, and if it sparks my interest, I’ll look into it and make a video. How’s that for an offer! (By the way, all of the ‘offers’ for physical comfort were very kind, and I’m sure well-meant, but I’ll pass for the moment. And that applies to ‘Keith Chin from Peterborough’, too.)

Take a look at today’s Model Solution – not only do I solve Name Witheld’s problem, but a quandry of my own, too – how to tie hair back into a bun without leaving a massive ‘dent’ throughout your hair!

Goody Spin Pins, £4.99 from ASDA

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