We all like a bit of a moan. I love moaning. Yesterday I moaned about (in no particular order): 1) My ill-fitting bra that was giving me ‘four-boob effect’, 2) How disappointingly tasteless my houmus was at lunchtime, 3) The bubble-blowing man who stands outside Hamleys toy-shop. But enough about my moans – I want to hear yours! I’ve had lots of emails recently from people with beauty problems and questions, and from now on, I will be answering them right here on the blog. Moan-to-a-Model is your chance to air all of your beauty woes and worries, to ask questions and to generally have a good old whine about things. It’s like therapy, but with a completely unqualified person beside the couch instead of a therapist. And we’ll be talking about beauty and modelling, not serious stuff. So not like therapy at all then, really…

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