Model Kit: Flight BA0185

Back to catching up with my trip to New York; this is what I took with me for my flight. Ah yes, the flight – BA0185, London Heathrow to Newark, New Jersey. That one was traumatic; it was too windy to land at Newark, so we did an emergency landing at Boston. Is Boston near to Newark, I hear you ask? No. No it isn’t. It’s like hoping to land in London and getting diverted to Glasgow. Oh well. I had a fun two hours racking up a huge bill on my iPhone, checking my emails and Twittering with data roaming switched on! Do you have an iPhone? Have you been told about the dreaded ‘data roaming’ setting? “Never turn it on!” people say – some guy ran up a bill of fifty thousand pounds with his switched on!” Whatever; I switched it on. Nothing blew up. Nobody died. I just got a bill for £187.45 is all…

Oh, sorry about that – I just had to go and beat myself on the head with a wok. (One hundred and eighty-seven pounds and forty-five bloody pence! Won’t be doing that again…)

I’ve gone off-piste; I was talking about Flight BA0185. And what I took in my makeup bag. Watch the video – I’m far too upset about my phone bill to write any more words.

PS, there are three New York model kit posts altogether – the other two are coming up soon.

Products: Filorga Liss & Go, £32 from House of Fraser. Bioderma Cleanser in an Aveda “fillable” bottle, part of set £14 from Aveda. Avene Ystheal Eye Cream, £16.50. Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream, 15ml sample – part of free ‘gift with purchase’. Aveda Lip Saver, £11 from Aveda. Skin Veil in ‘Vanilla’, £30 from Cosmetics a la Carte. Rodial Glamtox Eyelight Concealer, £28 from LookFantastic. Avon Supershock Liner in Bronze, reduced to £3 at the Avon Shop online!

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