Model Legs in Minutes! Soap & Glory Glow Getter.

A while back, a make-up artist sprayed some tan-in-a-can onto my legs, and they looked instantly longer and leaner. Which can never be a bad thing, surely? Said tanner was actually Soap and Glory’s ‘Glow Getter’, which is a wash-off powder spray, and the make-up artist made it look so easy to apply that I couldn’t resist having a go myself.

This weekend I’ve developed quite a nice (albeit faint) colour on my upper half, but my legs have rebelled and remained pale- to be quite honest, I may as well have sunbathed with my legs encased in lead.  So it was a perfect time to try out the Glow Getter – I wanted to recreate that airbrushed, expensive colour that is usually only achieved with amazing lighting, a ton of Mac foundation and a £200-per-hour retoucher. The aim was for perfect model legs in a matter of minutes.

I began my spray-tanning inside, stupidly, which meant that I had to spend the subsequent hour sponging clean my wallpaper. But after that little hiccup, I moved the operation onto the roof terrace and the whole thing went a lot more smoothly. The Glow Getter was applied to bare skin (perhaps with some remnants of sun-tan lotion still lingering about) and rubbed in with the palm of my hand. You can see how I got along by watching my little video. The whole process really was as easy as it looks – I suppose because the tan is wash-off, it’s much less scary than actual fake-tan.

The resulting colour was a lovely warm bronze, quite subtle and not at all orange (hopefully you’ll be able to see that from the video), which worked really nicely with my ‘very slightly sunkissed’ skin-tone. A great product for this transitional fashion period, when we’re getting rid of those tights and taking the plunge with bare legs!

Two little warnings: 1) the colour does fix well to the skin, but if you rub hard at it, it’ll come off! So remember that if you want to wear white shorts/own a white sofa/have a friend with expensive white leather seats in their car. 2) Glow Getter was harder to blend in over dry areas such as ankles and tops of feet – I reckon that a dod of body lotion an hour or so before application wouldn’t go amiss.

Soap & Glory Glow Getter, £10

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