Model Skincare Routine: Anti-Blemish Discoveries

Some new anti-blemish discoveries for you this week. I say ‘new’, but I’ve actually been testing out all of these products for well over a month. I would rather give you thorough, well-informed recommendations that I have tested out myself than just present you with a regurgitated press release! So sorry about that – it may not always be ‘breaking news’ here on A Model Recommends, but you can be sure that I’ve given everything a proper going over for you!

First on the agenda; REN’s Clearcalm 3 range. I have already given the mask a pretty thorough review here, but the rest of the range might be unfamiliar to you. There’s an excellent clay cleanser which feels a little like Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish in texture, quite thick and  gives a deep, satisfying cleanse. I remove it with a muslin cloth for added cleansing power, but it rinses off just fine with water. There’s also a day fluid moisturiser, nice and light and instantly mattifying, and an overnight serum. If you have ever felt like covering your whole face with a spot treatment, but couldn’t do it for fear of getting third degree burns and skin like crackling, these moisturisers are perfect. Just the right amount of gentle treatment so that skin doesn’t dry out or feel uncomfortable. There’s a very slight ‘medicinal’ smell to all of the Clearcalm 3 products, but it absolutely doesn’t bother me one bit – it just gives me confidence that they’re working!

Two topical spot treatments; Burt’s Bees Targeted Spot Treatment from the new Anti-Blemish range is a liquid treatment that blasts spots the natural way. It feels quite potent when you apply it and you only need a very tiny drop, so the bottle would last years. If you get spots infrequently and want a quick remedy to keep in the medicine cupboard then this one fits the bill very nicely. Dr Nick Lowe’s Spot Gel is very different – it’s a gel, and it’s in a tube. It doesn’t feel so strong on application (that eyewatering burn that you can get!) but boy is it good! It doesn’t dry the surrounding skin and it really does seem to clear spots up overnight. This has become a permanent addition to my ‘bedside table’ products!

Have a look at the video to hear me repeat exactly what I’ve told you above (I don’t know why I end up writing things and filming them!) and to see me holding up the products. It’s a bit like QVC, but filmed in a totally unprofessional way and without some manic woman speaking three thousand words in a minute.

(REN Clearcalm 3: Cleanser £18, Night Serum £20, Day Fluid £24, Mask £28. Burt’s Bees Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment, £9.99 from Boots. Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel, £8.99 from Boots.)

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