Model Skincare Routine: Pepping up Party Skin!

This video is slightly different to the Five Minute Rescue video, in which I attempted to cure a “mild to moderately severe” hangover. “Pepping up Party Skin” is all about getting the glow back into your face, making it look toned and bright – giving it a bit of a ‘lift’. If you haven’t had enough sleep for a few days on the trot then this kind of routine is invaluable – and I’m not just talking about the ‘party season’ here, it could be travel that’s tiring you out, it could be young kids, it could be stress. Switching a few of your regular products to ones that specifically energise your skin can make a world of difference!

Quick apology before the video starts; there are a couple of quite expensive products here. When I think about the products that I’m going to shoot in a video, I think about performance first and price second which means that often there will be a run of premium items. I do try to include budget options where possible, but in this case they will appear in a separate video at some point in the future!

Products used in this video:
Lierac Diopti Calm Eye Balm and Mask, £17
Lierac Concentré Mesolift Serum, £39.50
Oskia Get up and Glow, £64.50
Madara ‘Sunflower’ Tinting Fluid, £21.50
Le Métier de Beauté Peau de Vierge Concealer, £65 (WHOA!)
Clinique Airbrush Concealer in Fair, £15
Jemma Kidd Radiance Creme (Iced Gold), £17

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