Moroccan Natural Argan and Rose Serum

Moroccan Natural Argan and Rose Serum There seems to be a huge grey area surrounding the definition of ‘serum’ and so I want to just briefly touch on that before talking about Moroccan Natural’s Argan Rose treatment. Personally, I consider a serum to be a skincare treatment that’s a) runny and that b) contains a concentrated shot of ingredients. Many are moisturising, but that doesn’t have to be the primary purpose of a serum; it can be targeted at dark spots or unevenness of tone, at helping to prevent loss of elasticity, at treating acne. Quite often (mostly, in fact) the serums are incredibly light and oil-free, so it can be quite confusing when an oil-based treatment, such as the one above or those produced by Decleor are also labelled as a serum. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an oil-blend being labelled as a serum – it’s runny, and you can argue that due to the essential oils, it’s a concentrated dose of beautifying ingredients – but personally, I think that ‘treatment oil’ is a nicer description and one that does them more justice. Because you can really get to work with an oil, massage it in for ages, buff it into the skin to get a beautiful glow – you can’t do that with a serum! Anyway, just a little aside – feel free to ignore it!

I have been using Moroccan Natural’s Argan Rose Serum (oil!) and it’s truly scrumptious. There are many Argan oil-based products on the market, but the quality and purity of the oil itself varies greatly. Quite a few huge super-brands have cottoned on to the Argan Trend and have produced products that are extremely low in actual Argan oil, so you do have to tread carefully and pick through the chaff. Even the amazing Moroccanoil, (which I love, incidentally!) is pretty low on actual Argan. So a real treat, then, that this Moroccan Natural version has Argan as the absolute master oil, with added rose geranium for an extra bit of toning. It’s extremely effective at moisturising and keeping the skin moisturised and will be priceless during the winter months!

I particularly like that this oil comes in a pump-action bottle so that you can really measure out small amounts and there’s less wastage. The quite pungent rose geranium smell masks the less attractive odour of the Argan and so the blend makes a perfect facial treatment. My recommendation? Use in the morning about half an hour before you apply makeup for a glowing, dewy finish. If you’re prone to breakouts or oiliness, miss out the T-Zone, but you’ll find that the blend absorbs beautifully into the skin.

Moroccan Natural Argan and Rose Serum is £17.50 from NutriBeauty Online

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