Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

I can’t remember whether or not I have mentioned this before, but I rarely let my hair dry naturally without having first massaged in a bit of leave-in conditioner, grooming cream or hair oil. I seem to remember doing a video about this, but I can’t find it – or a post – so that probably means that I only created it in my mind.

I use Moroccanoil Oil treatment a lot. Every other hair-wash, probably. It makes my hair so incredibly shiny without any effort at all; no serum or styling cream needed afterwards. I just massage the oil into the mid-lengths and ends of just-washed, still-damp hair, and then leave it to dry!

Ruth Crilly

The above photo is a still taken from the February Round-Up video and I know that my hair here definitely has nothing in it apart from the Moroccanoil. It’s pretty shiny for blonde hair – highlighted hair is notoriously difficult to get looking glossy, and i think that I had very recently had my colour done in this particular video.

So, the Moroccanoil. Contains Argan-Oil which basically repairs, restores and smoothes the hair. If your hair’s not particularly damaged, it will just make it look amazingly glossy! You only need a teeny tiny bit, so be careful when pouring it from the bottle – remember, less is more! If I pour out too much I pour it back in, but that’s just me. Some people would find that objectionable and unhygienic, me, not so much.

Moroccanoil costs £30.45 for 100ml, but as mentioned; you only need use a very small amount at a time. Massage it well through the ends of your hair and anywhere it feels dry or damaged. Don’t take it up into the roots or onto the scalp though, or you’ll be oil-slick central! I think that the most important thing to remember with this oil is to work it into damp hair – don’t use it as a ‘gloss’ or a ‘serum’ on already dried or styled hair. It will just sit on the hair like you’d expect an oil to! Applied to damp hair, it somehow performs completely differently – it’s my little miracle-worker.

I see that Moroccanoil now have a lighter formula for blonde or fine-haired people, and I shall be most definitely giving that a try – although I’m not sure how they can improve on the original! This is a really nice oil to start using as the days get more summery – you can just let your hair dry naturally and the shine will speak for itself.

For more info and different sizes (including a very cute mini!), see HQHair HERE

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