Mother-and-Daughter Spa Testing

mother and daughter spaWhenever I go somewhere with my Mum we end up in fits of giggles. Whether it’s the supermarket, the doctor’s surgery (don’t ask) or simply a trip up the road to the butchers, we just can’t help ourselves.

So it was never a good idea for us to begin testing spas together – the opportunity for hysterics is present pretty much one hundred percent of the time. Semi-nudity, funny music, and, most importantly, the implied rule that you keep noise to a minimum – all of this spells disaster when it comes to Mother and I, together, as a team.

Nevertheless, we decided quite some time ago that we would start testing spas a deux – to get two very different viewpoints, which we thought would make an interesting read, but also to test-drive how well various places cater for  ‘mother and daughter’ guests. Lots of daughters take their mothers (and sisters, aunts, grannies, own daughters) to spas, and whilst some are geared up for these types of days (Center Parcs has the ‘girls spa package’ pretty much sewn up) others are more suited to lone visits.

So, expect spa reviews on a semi-regular basis from now on – my review will obviously be posted right here, and my Mum’s version on her blog which is called My Mum Says. We will link to each other, naturally. The first ‘double-review’, which is of the Dolphin Spa in London, will be up very shortly! Though I have a funny feeling Mum has posted hers already. How to show a girl up…

(PS, Mum, I will find a better image to represent our highly scientific spa appraisals. This one looks as though it has been cobbled together by a moron. Which is partly true..)

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