M&S Leather Duck Pram Shoes

M&S Leather Duck Pram Shoes

I bought these M&S pram shoes assuming they’d be so useless at staying on that I’d end up putting them on a shelf as a little memento or writing them off as something nice to put into the baby’s memory box. I was fine with that. I haven’t really bought anything indulgent and frivolous, baby-clothes-wise, and these were so cute with their dusty pink uppers and little leather ducks. I was happy to merely stare at them and make appreciative noises.

But – Brucie bonus! – they actually stayed on! I couldn’t believe it. I had visions of having to rescue them from the dog’s mouth every two minutes, or retracing my steps up the high street, peering down through drain covers and checking the long grass at the side of the path. But no: so far, they have resolutely stayed on the baby’s feet, even when she’s had a good old pull at them. Maybe it’s because she fits them well (she probably doesn’t have too many weeks left in them, as she seems to have quite long feet already) or maybe it’s the very efficient elastic at the back of the heel, I don’t know. I just love them.

marks and spencer baby raincoat

I bought a whole load of stuff in M&S including the pale yellow raincoat in the picture above (here) – I must do the Youtube video I’ve been promising before it all sells out and the summer stuff starts coming in!

Leather Pram Shoes, £14 at M&S here.

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