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 Photographic makeup can be really, really hard on your skin; for a start, it’s usually more makeup than you’d ever wear in normal life, but it’s also reapplied and touched up and blended in. All of this rubbing and pulling and poking at the skin takes its toll after a day or so – by day three of a trip I’m usually getting a bit sore around the eye area at the very least. So if I’m away working for a number of days and I know that I’ll be doing lots of shoots, I have a bit of an emergency kit that I take with me.

The products in this kit change continuously, mainly because I like to test out new things, but there are some die-hard regulars. The Sisley Eye Mask, for instance, comes with me absolutely everywhere. So does the Emma Hardie balm now that I have a little pot to put it in! (I’m a bit weird about mini products – they have to be in the “proper” mini packaging or I feel unsettled. I rarely decant. This fear stems from the time that I made an almost catastrophic error in identifying some colourless, odourless liquids and removed eye makeup with a very acidic peel solution!)

You’ll notice that I don’t take any Liquid Gold or exfoliating lotions away with me – that’s because my skin usually gets quite sensitive when I’m doing back-to-back shoots but also because I was in a hot place (California) and I tend to cut out the exfoliants if I’m going to be exposed to strong sunlight. (I’d recommend that, actually – I know that the labels always advise you to use an SPF and wear a hat, but if you’re on hols for the week then I’d just give your skin a “peel break”.)

I hope that some of you find this useful – if you have to wear lots of makeup at work or just feel that you’d like to try some bits and bobs for slightly stressed-out skin then some of these could be a good place to start. I particularly like the MD Formulations Critical Care Shielding Cream for calming down angry, raw-feeling patches, but also look to Pai skincare for some really gentle creams and cleansers. Their Echium Eye Cream is a staple product for me – light but very nurturing and incredibly soothing.

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**UPDATE – forgot to put the links and info in! Here they are:

Beauty products shown / What I’m Wearing:

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover:


Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm:

Pai Cleanser:

Sisley Eye Mask:

Pai Echium Eye Cream:

MD Formulations Critical Care:

Dr Hauschka Rose Cream:

Clinique All About Lips:

Clarins Moisture Repair Lip Balm:

Dr Jart Water Fuse Mask (haven’t tried this yet!)

Avene Cleanser:

La Roche Posay Cleanser:

Jumper is from Hush, it was one of the items from the fashion shoots! See here:

Sunglasses are from Jimmy Choo (no longer available)

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