My Five Basic Diet Tips

Five diet tips from a model recommends

I know that the healthy eating tips in the following video are pretty much common sense, but sometimes I do think that we lose sight of the basics when we think about health and diet. There are so many (frankly ridiculous) diets out there and some of the advice on the internet is absurd! It’s no wonder that people can’t stick to a diet when it involves only eating maple syrup with chilli in it or some such nonsense… The ones that people seem to do best with are the plans that, when you look at them properly, simply reduce portion sizes and encourage you to eat less sugar and bad fats. Programmes like Weightwatchers seem to be quite good for this – they don’t particularly “ban” anything, but the bad foods are so many points that you’d be crazy to give up a day’s worth of food for them!

So here we go with my five basic diet tips. Obviously there are more things that float around my head when it comes to food and healthy eating, but these are the five that I try to live by. I actually hate the word diet, as you’ll see if you watch the video, but here I’m using it in a “what to eat” sense rather than a “faddy crash diet” sense. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I hate faddy diets. I did quite enjoy my fat-and-protein-only one, but that was a kickstart thing for just twelve days – I’d never advocate cutting out whole food groups for any particular length of time. It’s all about balance, eating simply and freshly and getting some exercise.

There’s a lengthy disclaimer at the start of the video – sorry if it’s boring, but it’s entirely necessary in these days of sensationalist journalism. I have to cover my back! I know that there will be some people who see “model” and “diet” in the same sentence and assume that it’s something irresponsible, and I can’t have that happening. As you all know me so well, you can skip the intro if you like and go straight in at about 2 minutes 30 seconds. If you’d like to subscribe to my Youtube channel then just click here – if you can’t see the video pane (should be able to now, except if you’re reading via email subscription) then please click here!

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