My Morning Skincare Routine (with Caroline Hirons)

morning skincare beauty routine

Another “dastardly duo” video with Caroline Hirons; this time it’s my morning skincare routine. (You can see Caroline’s one here.) I must explain in advance that when I went to film the first set of videos with Caroline, we weren’t quite sure exactly what we were going to film and so I didn’t have some of the products from my routine to hand. A few things to note, then:

1) The cleanser that I show (OSKIA’s Renaissance cleanser) is one that I use quite a lot, but when it comes to morning cleansing I am far more likely to be grabbing one of the fresh and light gel-type cleansers that I featured here. The OSKIA one tends to come out more in the evenings when I’m lying in the bath! Though it is perfect for morning, too, as it’s not too creamy and it leaves your skin feeling very bright and renewed.

2) Since I filmed this video, my Olay Luminous cream has run out and I need to dive into Boots and get some more. I’ve been using Institut Esthederm’s Aqua Diffusion Care in it’s place, which is an entirely different kettle of fish, but very nice indeed. It’s not really for luminosity, like the Olay, but it’s very hydrating and I’ve been enjoying the feel of it on my skin. It’s incredibly rich, but somehow not at all heavy. Great if you want a moisturiser with a real kick to it, that feels nourishing and plumping, but you don’t want to go the whole hog with one of those buttery, oily creams. You can find out more about the Aqua Diffusion Care cream here.

organic beauty oil

3) Another very little addition to my routine, since filming: Argan Oil. Just a couple of drops, before moisturiser, if I feel as though I want an extra little boost. I’m more likely to use it at night, but if I’m working inside all day at the computer and feel like having a little skin treat, I crack out the Argan. You can read more about the one I’ve been using here – it’s from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

4) Something else that I didn’t have with me that I often use in the morning: a cleansing water. Only really if I’m in a lot of a hurry, but I do find them very useful. Most recently I’ve been using the REN Rosa Centifolia cleansing water (here), but I’m also partial to a bit of the good old Bioderma. I’ve been using that stuff for a very, very long time – you can find it here. It’s just a brilliant quick cleanser that’s really gentle and good for if you’re in a rush.

OK, that’s it with the public announcements – everything else is very simple, as you’ll see. Cleanse, bit of a spritz with something, serum and then moisturiser and/or SPF. I’ll be writing more about the Zelens SPF this week as I’ve done a Q&A with Dr Marko Lens, Guru of all things Sun and Skin. Enjoy – the product links are below the video screen. If you can’t see the video, please open it in a new window by clicking here.


The exfoliating pads we talk about are from First Aid Beauty here:

Oskia Cleanser:
See this post for more ideas:…


This Works In Transit Spray-On Moisture:

Zelens Eye Cream:

Superfacialist Serum:

Olay Regenerist Luminous:

Zelens SPF30 Sunscreen:

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