My Mum Says… "Yellow! I love it!"

Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed PowderHere’s my Mum with her latest installment. I probably won’t feel the need to introduce her every time she writes something – in fact it might be wise to distance myself from her a bit just in case she writes anything outrageously slanderous. But for now; take it away Mother, the lawyer is on speed-dial and the floor is yours!

“Here I am, Ruth’s Mum, for the next instalment. I am going to tell you about Clinique’s yellow range!! [Redness Solutions is the official name!]

Since my teenage Max Factor ‘Panstick’ days, I have never been able to wear face make up, or foundation cream as it is called? I have tried various brands and lightnesses and colours and have had to give them away to friends who look perfectly glamorous in them. Me? I look all variegated, striped or sun-bedded. I have 6 sisters and they all look great with make-up on.

I hadn’t noticed the red spotty areas and inflamed skin on my cheeks until recently. I had put off looking in the mirror for a while (as one does if you get up at 7 and race to work, sometimes having got different earrings on or those purple tights you didn’t mean to wear), so at the weekend I had a close look with those hateful mirrors and strong sunlight and realised I needed help.

Clinique’s Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder is YELLOW! I LOVE it! I have had the loose powder one which I brushed on over my moisturiser, but I now have a little compact of compressed yellow powder which is actually easier to apply and comes with its own little brush under the compact part. It is brilliant for covering the redness and for stopping that moisturiser sheen. I also have a stick of yellow powder which I can apply to individual red spots AND I have discovered a really good use for it (not sure whether Clinique would advise it?): you can cover up those red veiny eyelids!! I know I sound a complete mess covered in this yellow powder but it really works for me, perhaps because I have sallow skin?

Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

There. I am so pleased I have got that out of my system. And now to moisturisers. I have found that some leave a shine to your skin which reflects off those bags under the eyes, so I have been trying several different types and will send you details in my next instalment. I am hoping to try and take some photos of the YELLOW products as I so love the boxes and little brushes.

All best wishes,
Ruth’s Mum


The Redness Solutions Pressed Powder is £24 and the Redness Solutions Corrector is £15, both from Clinique counters or online HERE!

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