My New House (it’s tiny.)

brinca dada emerson house I want to buy this house. It’s an open-plan, six-room mid-century modern house and I would happily live in it. The trouble is, it’s only about twenty inches tall! Don’t you just love it? Here’s the rear elevation:

brinca dada emerson houseIt’s the Brinca Dada Emerson House and I am totally obsessed with it. I have spent three days trying to work out how to ship it from the US without bankrupting myself, but it’s proving to be a bit of a mission. As usual, Mr AMR thinks that I have flipped my lid again, probably – the last time I went through a dolls’ house phase I spent £100 on a 1/12th scale sofa and about three weeks crafting ornate chimney breasts! (That particular house came to a sticky end when we moved real house – all of the windows fell out and the beautiful pale paintwork got covered in engine oil!)

brinca dada emerson houseAnyway, I think that I’ve found somewhere that’ll ship for less than about three million dollars, BUT if anyone reading this has one that they want to sell (I know it’s a long shot!) or knows of someone who sells them, especially in the UK, then let me know super-quick! I don’t like to use this site as a ‘classifieds’ page, but in times of desperation…

Are there any other miniaturists or dolls’ house enthusiasts out there? I found some incredible blogs during my search for the Emerson (which Brinca Dada have actually discontinued) so let me know if you’d like me to do a links post. Sorry to everyone else who has absolutely no interest in miniature things!

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