My New Look: The Bold Red Lip

red lipstick makeup tutorial

In this video I’m just trying to mix things up a bit, makeup-wise, as you do. I usually go for a nude lip on a night out, but I was in a rush when I filmed this look and I wanted to have something a little more bold and dramatic, something that would provide a “polished” finish without me having to spend too much time on my face. I think (for me at least) that a good lipline is easier to create than a stunning smokey eye – there’s less blending, it’s just a line. It is what it is. So I’ve been getting more into my bright, bold lips recently – a quick way to glam things up and give the illusion that lots of effort has been made!

Here I’ve used the Givenchy Carmin Escarpin lipstick (see here for the full review) and my current favourite full-coverage foundation, the Dior Forever. All of the product links and clothing details are below – the skirt is Milly, and you’ve probably seen it before if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram. It’s a bloody triumph, that skirt. I’m sad to see it go back to its rightful home! (Halpern PR showroom.) I’ll definitely be snapping one up when they drop into stores this summer – what a useful little skirt!

The top-to-toe video (makeup, hair, jewellery, clothes, shoes) is right at the bottom of this page or if you’re reading via email, give it a click right here. Make sure that you stay tuned right until the end – a certain little cat makes a (sleepy) appearance.

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