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I had a bit of a lingerie re-stock a few weeks ago after realising how much I’d been wearing my Stella McCartney snakey-print bra. It’s a great little T-Shirt bra that gives good shape and looks cool and sexy through sheerer tops – I posted about it ages ago here. It’s nice to have a bit of print going on in the bottom layers, don’t you think? Let’s face it; all of the tops these days are cropped or sheer or racer-back or something annoying – it’s almost impossible to keep your bra hidden!

stella mccartney lingerie review

So, I bought the exact same bra as my snakey but in a different print – it’s the balconette bra in Tiger Print. Rar. I also bought the matching briefs which are very cleverly laser-cut so that there’s no VPL if you’re wearing tight fitting jeans or skirts. I bought mine from ASOS here.

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I also bought the Marguerite Riding set – different line, as the balconette bra is actually Stella by Stella McCartney. (Inventive, these diffusion line names.) Anyway, the bra is a plunge rather than balconette and the knickers are not quite so light and fine, but the shape and quality of both are superb.

stella mccartney bra detail

I have to say that overall I think that I prefer the Stella line – I love the gold strap detail and the shape that the bra gives. But there’s more variety and choice in the original line, so…win-win. I bought my Marguerite set on ASOS here.

Practicalities: you can machine wash the Stella lingerie, but I do so on the “hand wash” setting on my washing machine because I have lost many a good bra to the rough and tumble of the Hotpoint! I do the handwash setting and then make sure that I shape the cups of the bra properly when I leave it to dry. I never use the tumble dryer! Sizing: seems to run true to size – I wear a 32DD usually and the 32DD fits me perfectly. In terms of briefs, I’d say that they perhaps run a tiny bit small – I wear a medium because I don’t like to have unsightly bulges at my hips! I find that the bras are VERY tight around the chest for the first two wears and then it loosens out. My advice: don’t wear them for the first time when you go to work or out for dinner – you have to break the bras in when you’re in the comfort of your own home! A bit like shoes..

Stella McCartney at ASOS

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