My Sunday Dog (Carrying) Walking Outfit…

ruth crilly with dexter cockapoo

Spring is definitely here, it seems. The threat of late snows and roof-battering winds has passed and I am packing up my winter coats ready to take to the dry cleaners. (The secret of coat longevity, I have found, is to dry clean them at the end of every winter and then hang them up in one of those breathable cotton suit covers with a moth repeller sachet popped into the bottom or looped over the coat hanger. My Jil Sander coat is on its 10th year, this year, and still looks absolutely new, despite the fact that I have worn it to death! Dry cleaning always seems like one of those ridiculous unnecessary expenses, but I think it’s worth it to prolong the life of a good coat.)

Sunday saw me walking the dog around Marylebone, spending some time with my brother and his girlfriend before they caught the train home. Later that day I was red-carpetting at the Empire Film Awards (a totally different story) and so I wanted to be comfortable and casual – the calm before the storm, if you will. I wore my new Cargo Skirt from Hush – what a little gem this is! Made from light grey cotton, it has all the hardiness of a denim skirt but the fabric is so soft to the touch. And it has more of a stretch than denim, too – it’s nice and forgiving around the waistband, if you catch my drift. (Tested that aspect properly with a Sunday pub lunch!) You can find the skirt here at Hush – I have a size 10.

And what better to go with the casual skirt than a pair of bright and funky Supra trainers? These are pink-and-white polka dot Vaiders and walking in them is like walking with air-bags inflated around your feet – properly, properly cushdy. They are actually on loan for a shoot I’m doing, but a full purchase is on the cards. I love my Converse, but in terms of comfort, there’s no comparison!

ruth crilly model style blog

Surprise success of the whole winter has been my M&S coat. I don’t know whether you remember this tweedy biker jacket from last Autumn, but it has been quite the sartorial “dark horse”. It sat tucked away in the coat cupboard when the weather was chilly, but on every day with even the hint of sunshine, it came on out to be thrown over jeans or skirts as a much lighter alternative to the heavy black winter coat. So useful was this tweedy number that I actually have my eye on another M&S coat – again, quite casual in style and relaxed in fit, but this one is slightly shorter and looser. It’s called a “car coat” and you can see it here – let me know what you think. I might be having a complete moment of madness.

PS: I always feel like a total dick in sunglasses, but I am trying to wear them more. Post-30, the squinty-wrinkles definitely become more of an issue!

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