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ruth crilly youtube trailer

Youtube has changed its channel page format (to something really quite annoying and ugly, but hey-ho) and when people arrive at my channel who haven’t subscribed, Youtube plays them a little video. Youtube have called this a “trailer”. Because I couldn’t bear the thought of having to record an “all about me!” introduction, I decided to find the cheesiest piece of motivational music possible and then cut together some movie clips and behind-the-scenes footage. I’m hoping that it will give people a flavour of what I’m about (beauty-obsessed and slightly random) and what I’m not about (eating spiders, taking myself too seriously). Hopefully it will attract the right kind of person – I love my audience just as it is, it’s generally a kind, interesting and intelligent one.

Right. Trailer is below – prepare for the motivational music everyone! (Emailers click on the link here, if you will.) If you want to view the actual channel page (and subscribe!) then please do have a look at it here.

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