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Please all be upstanding for the foundation that has changed the way I feel about foundations: mymix foundation by myface cosmetics. (I am so not comfortable with all these new-fangled all-lower-case brand and product names. But myface I will forgive, because they are fantastic.) I have always been a bit of a foundation-hater – firstly, I have never really needed it, and secondly, I have to wear about ten thousand layers of it every time I do a shoot, so I like to let my skin breathe the rest of the time. For me, foundation has always seemed to be like putting on a mask – it completely eradicates all imperfections from the face – and I have always felt that the results were too ‘done’. Not so with ‘mymix’ – it’s light, fresh-looking and gives amazing coverage. Throughout my rather stressful last few weeks, it has transformed me from ‘ninety-year-old bag lady’ to ‘fresh-faced youngster’ in a matter of minutes.

It’s so beautifully light that I don’t mind applying all over my face – usually I would be very sparing with foundation, just applying it in the areas that really needed it, but this formula is such a joy to use! It has amazing staying power and doesn’t feel as though it’s clogging up your pores, I just love it.

If you haven’t heard of myface before, take a look at their website,, or pop into your nearest big Boots and have a test. The idea behind the brand is great – once you have established your skin-tone (mine was Medium 1, or Light 3 depending on whether I wanted to ‘warm’ my skin up a little), myface picks out the eyes, lips and face colours that will flatter your colouring. There were items suggested for me that I would never have chosen for myself, yet they did look amazing – it’s like having a virtual makeup artist beside you!

I have seen myface cosmetics popping up in quite a few artists’ kits on shoots and their blingtone eyeshadows have had loads of positive press – if you watch the video below, I think you’ll see why. Everything performs fantastically – amazing for the price that the items retail for. If you’re the type of person that isn’t sure which shades really suit them, then following the myface suggestions could be a good way of finding out!

Products used: Medium 1 Foundation, £12.99. Medium 1 Concealer, £7.99. Copa Choca Latta Rouge, £9.99. Blingtone Shadow in Morocco, £9.99. Bling Nail polish in Morocco, £5.99. Lip Pop Gloss, £7.99. Brushes £3.50 each from e.l.f. cosmetics.

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