Nail Holiday!


I have got into the habit of doing things to my nails whilst sat at my desk. And I’m not talking about painting them. No, dear readers, I have been giving my nails regular little holidays! If I’m not working, casting or shooting a video then I take off any polish, massage my hands with a gorgeous hand lotion (Jurlique’s Rose is my favourite at the moment) and then rub nail and cuticle oil into my…nails and cuticles. I’m sure that it is making my nails less flaky and soft. Positive in fact.

I have been using Avoplex from OPI which is rich in Avocado oil. It’s not cheap at £16.30 for just 15ml, but I like the texture of it. It’s like a dry-oil, so it doesn’t run down your fingers and make them greasy. You could probably use any number of oils on your nails and cuticles – body, face, hair, massage – but you use so very little of the Avoplex at a time that actually, it’s not a huge extravagance. I find that sometimes if I don’t use the ‘proper’ product for something then I forget to use it at all – the Avoplex is right next to my keyboard, sat there with its little brush, looking for all the world like a nail polish. When I glance at it, I think, “ooh! Nail polish. No – nail oil. I should oil my nails.” (Just like that.) If I had to go and fetch a big bottle of oil from the bathroom then I probably wouldn’t bother. So there. That’s the nail oil justified to myself! What’s next?

Avoplex is £16.30 with free delivery HERE

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