NailKale: Posh Polish (Never Mind the Superfoods)

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This week I asked the lovely Martha (@NailArtistMartha) to test out NailsInc’s newest launch for me. It’s called NailKale. Which has a nice ring to it, I’ll admit, a good old-fashioned rhyme; but the sceptical part of my brain (97% of it) is screaming PLEASE DON’T TRY TO TELL ME THAT THIS POLISH HAS KALE IN IT AND THAT THE KALE WILL DO SOMETHING FOR MY NAILS. I don’t even want to Google it, for fear of what I might find. I may be wrong to be so sceptical, but as far as I remember from my school days, you can’t get vitamins into the nails – you can nourish them with oils or harden them with chemicals, but no vitamins. Am I desperately incorrect here? Perhaps I do need to do some Googling!

Anyway. Kale aside, let’s see what Martha has to say about Montpelier Walk, which is the nude shade in the NailKale line-up. This would be my choice, obviously, because I rarely wear anything but nude-ish shades, and I love its pretty, almost-lilac tone. It looks posh. It looks neat and clean. Martha says, “this would be a bit too purple for me to class as a “natural nude”, but it does still fall into that ever-popular nude category. The consistency had a nice glide to it, and I really liked the brush.”

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It was actually the Superfood base coat that Martha was most impressed with – it primed the nails very nicely. She stresses that she’s “not sure how the nourishment side of things will work, because you can only tell after a good few weeks” but I’ll be sure to chase her up on that and see how things are going later on this month. I like a good base coat, I may have to give my Dior Abricot thingy a rest and try some Superfood action for a while! I’m still incredibly sceptical about the whole kale/nutrients thing, but the polishes do contain NailsInc’s more traditional nail-care element too (their patented “regenerating complex”) so if you’re looking to tick that particular box then you can do so without completely losing your rag over things.

At any rate, this is a luxe-looking range with beautiful shades and the packaging is suitably premium; edging towards the Butter London vibe with its squared off bottle, and getting all glitzy with the metallic lid. This is one polish I may have to steal back from Martha – that’s if she hasn’t used it up already. Montpelier Walk was quite a hit with all of the ladies in her salon!

You can find NailKale here – the polishes are £14 and the Superfood base coat is £15. Please do give Martha a follow on Instagram and you can read more nail posts here.

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