Nails: The Cara Delevingne-Inspired Manicure

cara delevingne nail art manicure look

This nail look by @NailArtistMartha was inspired by the gorgeous new Chanel campaign that stars Cara Delevingne. I desperately want to do some kind of “get the look” makeup video based on the new campaign image (I would love to know what Cara has woven into her hair!) so no doubt we’ll be returning to this manicure for that, too. I really like the single accent nail with the block of contrasting colour! Very chic.

opi glitzerland review

Martha reversed the colours in the campaign look, using a beautiful pale gold for the base colour and a glossy, classic red for the ring finger accents. I’m not usually into metallic nails but I think that this gold shade from OPI, Glitzerland, is just gorgeous. Just enough shimmer and a non-brash, almost-creamy kind of golden tone.

opi glitzerland review

Martha said that the consistency of the polish was lovely and it applied very well. Two coats gave a truly glitzy finish – “it definitely does what it says on the tin”. After two coats of Glitzerland, Martha took her red polish (Mavala’s London) and created the accent nails. “This is more simple than it looks”, Martha said, but she still hasn’t seen the true extent of my nail-painting ineptitude, so that statement isn’t entirely true! Martha’s tips for painting on the statement curve? “1) Try to paint the line all in one go. Hesitating can make your hand shake! 2) Don’t overload the brush with polish as you can end up flooding the nail.”

opi glitzerland review

I had a little go at this and found that if you make the curved line slightly higher up the nail than you want it to eventually be, you can always take it down lower and cover a messy line if you go wrong! That’s the coward’s way out – those with some conviction can just go on in and paint that confident, bold curve… (Disclaimer: I’d had rather a lovely glass of (quite strong) Chianti before I attempted my nail. Those who are serious about getting the perfect accent nail may want to avoid the Dutch Courage and be 100% compos mentis.)

opi glitzerland review

Martha went one step further with her Cara-inspired manicure and added an extra accent in Mavala’s Black Oyster polish. I love this look! There’s something very retro about it – it reminds me of old YSL Opium adverts and also of peacock feathers. I’ve loved every step of this manicure, actually; the pale champagne-gold, the red accent and then the black tip. This would make an excellent holiday manicure, don’t you think? Those amazing shades against tanned skin? I may have to pay Martha a visit and get her to mani me up before I go to Greece…

You can find OPI’s Glitzerland online at Amazon here or at where it has been reduced from £11.95 to £7.17. Both options have free delivery. Please do follow Martha on Instagram – and any crazy nail requests, please leave a comment below! Thanks once again to Martha and also to the lovely Roseanna for quite literally “lending a hand”. (Or two.)

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