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I have been testing out the new skincare range from Naked, and I think that it’s great! I love the fact that Naked is affordable, easily available (Boots!) and is so much more luxurious than you would ever expect. The smell of the Orange Blossom Body Wash (one of my favourite products this year!) is divine and really gives premium body washes a run for their money. I wasn’t expecting the skincare to smell quite so amazing – but it really does!

The ‘thirst aid’ 12 hour moisturiser does the trick in the day-cream department; it feels soothing and calming but effective at the same time. It contains Argan Oil (one of celebrity facialist Nuz Shugaa’s favourite ingredients!), Neroli Oil (gives the orangey fragrance) and good old Shea Butter. Great for dry skin – if you have oily or combination, avoid oily areas; this cream isn’t unduly rich or heavy, but it isn’t oil-free either!

The ‘perfect getaway’ cleanser – my favourite product of the three that I’ve been testing. It smells very orangey, yet the Neroli Oil in the formula isn’t shouted out on the front of the bottle, which I find slightly odd. (Perhaps because I love orangey products so much; if I had a skincare line I’d have the word Neroli plastered everywhere!) Besides being orangey, this cleanser is very soothing, thanks to the Aloe Vera (‘allo, Vera!), moisturising thanks to the Cocoa Butter (no lame joke for that ingredient, I’m afraid) and energising thanks to the Ginseng. Ginseng seems to be a popular ingredient now, lauded for it’s brightening, radiance-giving properties. I have no idea whether this cleanser made my skin more radiant, but I do know that it did a good job at makeup removal, it didn’t sting – even around the eyes – and it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight.

Neither did the toner, which is quite an incredible achievement, considering it’s just the one toner formula for every skin type. It has been made with Witch Hazel. When I was little, my Mum always had a huge brown glass bottle of Witch Hazel that she used to tone her face with, she just used to buy it from the chemist and whack it on! It’s good stuff; gentle yet astringent, which makes it a great non-stripping toner. It leaves skin feeling really fresh and toned, and ready to moisturise. I have to admit that it’s been ages since I used a toner; I use so many cleansing waters (Bioderma, Caudalie, etc) that I skip the toning part! But I can absolutely see me adopting this little toner into my routine – it doesn’t sting or dry out the skin like many toners out there.

Well done Naked – you have impressed me again. I can’t imagine what wonderful things you might create in 2011, but if you’re after ideas, may I suggest: eye cream, room fragrance, some kind of intensive lip treatment. Ta very much!

Naked cleanser and Toner, £4.49 each, and Moisturiser, £7.49. All from Naked Bodycare Online.

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