Narciso Eau de Parfum Review

narciso rodriguez fragrance review

Wah! Sorry to be a total beauty enabler this week, but Narciso Eau de Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez is just an absolute show-stopper. Look at that bottle! So understated and chic with its smooth, square lid and simple bottle design. And how many white perfumes have you seen? It’s like a measure of the most perfectly pure milk, suspended within the glass. Just stunning.

I have always been a great admirer of Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her, both the original and the Musc version – I think it launched about ten years ago and has become something of a classic. But I have had to admire from afar as it’s one of my best friend’s signature scents and I don’t like to adopt fragrances that I strongly associate to other people. For the same reason I can’t wear Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone; my friend Sima always smells of it and so I consider it to be “her” perfume. Much as I adore it, I can’t bring myself to wear it; it would feel as though I was stealing her scent or trying to step into her perfume shoes. Silly, perhaps, but I actually enjoy the fact that some people only wear one perfume and that they become linked to it in such a powerful way.

narciso rodriguez fragrance review

But I’m allowing myself Narciso; it’s a very different scent. Though it’s as musky and seductive as Narciso Rodriguez For Her, it feels slightly more feminine and soft. If For Her is a femme fatale wearing leather thigh boots and carrying a riding crop, Narciso is the woman who got a little bit cold in her sexy get-up and put on a big cashmere cardigan. The same musky, amber notes are there at the heart of the fragrance but it’s less mysterious, I think – less dark. Narciso is warm and comforting but there’s no sickly sweet edge to it; it’s just rich and sumptuousness and it makes you feel instantly alluring. A hit of Gardenia and Bulgarian Rose, feminine and beautiful, and then the amber muskiness and slightly woody cedar base. I just love it. It doesn’t look like a winter perfume, with its pale styling, but it’s perfect for easing into those colder nights.

Find Narciso at HERE – 30ml is £33.15 but you can get a whopping 90ml (shown above) for £58. I know which one makes sense to me….

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