Natio ‘Brandy' Nail Polish: Utterly Groomed

OK, let’s talk about groomed fingers because this, my friends, has to be the poshest, most clean-looking colour that I have ever worn upon my nails. I’m not big on nail colour – and I’ve mentioned this before, I think. Since writing A Model Recommends… I have played about with different nail colours, but more through a sense of responsibility to share the newest, hottest trends with you than any real desire to wear the colours. Personally, I like nudes, neutrals and very pale shades – they’re low maintenance, they’re easier to correct when you make mistakes (often!) and they don’t feel dirty.

Natio’s Mineral Nail Colour in ‘Brandy’ is quite possibly the most perfect nude shade that I have ever found. When I wore it yesterday I had so many compliments about my nails – even one from the girl who served me in Pret! I never get comments about my nails, and it’s not something that I particular strive for (in fact, it’s way down my list of things that I’d want to be complimented on!) but it was interesting to see the general reaction! Natio’s Brandy made my nails look almost like patent leather – really opaque and shiny. The colour is just absolutely spot-on – not too peachy, not too yellowish – just perfect!

If you’re looking at my fingers and thinking “ooooh, they look very smooth and healthy” then I’ll let you into a little secret. I’ve been following a hand-care regime! It involves gloves, creams and a lot of faffing about – but my hands feel very soft and smooth. I’m going to tell you all about the regime in a separate post, because I like to keep you hanging. It keeps you coming back for more, oh yes it does indeed! So keep an eye out for that one. Don’t actually keep an eye out – (these days you have to put disclaimers everywhere – you never know what might be taken literally) – just keep following and receiving your daily email. You do get the daily email, don’t you? If you don’t, then GET IT HERE!

Back to Natio’s polish: it uses mineral pigments that are kind to your nails but produce really rich, deep colour. The photo above shows my nails after two rather slapdash coats! Amazing or what? It’s so easy to apply, it just kind of ‘settles’ in the right way, if you know what I mean. (Proper nail people are aghast at this point!) The formula is free from the three nasties – formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- and seems to be pretty hardy. I would probably give it a little top-coat or something, if I was the kind of person who could be bothered. If you have one, therefore, apply it. That’s my top tip for today.

Natio Mineral Nail Colour is £9 and available at Debenhams.

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