Naughty: Another Purchase-Based-on-Scent

sulfate free shampoo

Ah. Another product purchase motivated entirely by scent. The scent in Pureology’s Essential Repair Shampoo is supposed to be “Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Rosewood” but to me it smells almost exactly like fig. I know we’re not supposed to choose our shampoo (or any beauty product, really) based on fragrance but this is amazing! By a stroke of good luck, it just so happens that this performs brilliantly as a shampoo as well as smelling completely dreamy. It’s great for coloured or chemically treated hair (it’s sulfate free, or as Pureology say, ZeroSulfate) and my temperamental scalp gets on with it very well.

Some sulfate free shampoos are quite frankly crap when it comes to getting up a good lather but this one foams up in an almost unstoppable way. It’s luscious. (Yes, I know that lather isn’t essential for a good cleanse, blah blah blah, but I like my shampoo to lather. I like to make my hair into a foam mohawk and all that kind of thing. So there.) This ticks every box for me: kind on my coloured hair, kind on my scalp, foams like a demon and smells like something from a fairytale. It costs £12.05 with free delivery from

Thanks must go out to Kris at Trevor Sorbie for introducing me to this – it’s not something I would have usually rushed to buy, but rush to buy I did! It was in my FeelUnique basket within ten minutes of returning home…

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