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Beauty Sleep products seem to be getting more and more popular – perhaps we’re all finding it harder to sleep! No wonder what with all the technology buzzing around our heads at night – hands up who sleeps with their iPhone nearby, using it as an alarm clock? I’m definitely guilty of that one, though I do try to leave it out on the landing…

Anyway, latest sleepy-product to hit the shelves is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Body Butter. Very appealingly named, I must say. It smells gorgeous, too, as you’d hope – very relaxing and not even a whiff of that awful synthetic lavender fragrance that sometimes gets shoved into “bedtime” home products.

The texture is quite unusual – it’s a dense, rich butter upon application but it very quickly melts into a light formula with very little slip. This isn’t a balm that takes an age to massage in – it’s surprisingly non-massage-able. Because I always expect my balms to be very oily and rich, I have to say that I was quite surprised by this turn of events, but I can imagine that it would appeal to the many people who hate getting into their pyjamas covered in beauty products! I personally don’t mind it – I see it as a larger-scale version of putting socks on over foot cream – but I know that it’s a common complaint.

Neal’s Yard stores seem to be popping up in lots of places now, so have a little browse when you next pass one. My friend Lauren has just announced to me that she adores their Frankincense Cleanser so I suppose I’ll have to try that, next, or she’ll never leave me alone!

The Beauty Sleep Body Butter is £22.50 from Neal’s Yard Remedies – online here.

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