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OK, so they might not be right at the lowest end of budget budget beauty finds, but all of the products in this video are extremely fairly priced. And good. I use the Weleda Calendula Bath quite frequently, now – it’s not the most attractive product when it squits its way from the bottle, but it does soothe the skin and the whole range is marvellous if you’re looking for products that suit the whole family.

The ASDA NSpa range is basic but very nice – the hot cloth cleanser is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for an affordable everyday product that cleanses effectively.

The three hair oil suggestions are all silicone-heavy, hence the instant mirror-shine and smoothness they give to your hair, but are marketed as “argan oil” products. Kind of a big trend, these days, and don’t be fooled – if any of these hair oils (even the expensive ones!) contained as much Argan as they’d like you to believe, they’d cost the absolute earth. That’s not to say that they’re not any good – they absolutely are. In fact, I’ve tried pure, high-quality Argan on my hair and the results weren’t pretty – as a styling aid, it’s not really that workable. The silicones in the products give the right amount of slip, shine and lightweight control and make them easy to use. There are worries that they dry out the hair and are not that great longterm, but I try not to use them every day. To be honest, though, if I’m in a rush and I need to get my hair looking acceptable then worrying about silicones on my dry hair-ends is not top of my to-do list! Thoughts on that?

OK, happy campers – if you’re reading via email you’ll need to click here for the video. The rest of you may look down to the bottom of the page and there it shall appear. Product details below.

Makeup in this video is a Chanel tutorial for my Telegraph page, more details here:

Products in this Video:

ASDA Nspa Cleanser/Set, ASDA online: and then narrow search to “NSpa”.

Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Cleanser:

Vichy Normaderm Anti_Ageing Care:

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo:

Weleda Baby Calendula Bath:

V05 Miracle Oil;

Tresemme Argan Oil:

Charles Worthington Elixir Oil:

KIKO Makeup:

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