New Dior Addict Lipsticks!

New Dior Addict LipstickDior have officially relaunched their new Addict lipsticks; lighter and more sheer than the classic lipsticks, they contain 25% less wax with a gel ingredient in its place. For low-maintenance girls, this means a moisturising lipstick that is easy to apply, looks glossy and won’t look a total mess if applied slightly haphazardly! Die-hard lippie lovers may be slightly disappointed with the texture if they’re looking for bold, long-lasting colour – this is juicy and vibrant but needs quite frequent reapplication throughout the day. Those looking for ultra-creamy, opaque shades need not apply!

Personally, I love this fast-growing sheer lipstick trend – it gives me the confidence to wear slightly more daring shades than I would do normally. The odd slip-up around the lip-line doesn’t necessarily spell ‘catastrophe’ when working with these more modern, transparent textures. Add to this the fact that the finish is shiny and has a plumping effect, and I’m absolutely sold!

Take a look at the video and decide for yourselves – I adore “New Look” (unfortunately named, perhaps!) because it’s a really vibrant red that I feel comfortable wearing. It isn’t perhaps paired with the best hair and makeup look in this video, but I will use it in an individual ‘red lip’ look soon!

Dior’s Addict lipsticks are £22 and available exclusively at Selfridges (click HERE) at the moment, and nationwide from April 11th. The shades shown in the video are; Nude, Diorissime, Dior Kiss and New Look.


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