New Diorskin Star Foundation: Tried and Tested

Dior Diorskin Star Foundation Review

I’m back with another Beauty Reviews video; this time it’s Dior’s new Diorskin Star Foundation that takes centre stage, along with a brilliant primer from Smashbox and an old makeup favourite, Pixi’s Natural Brow Duo. I’ll be talking about the Smashbox primer in another post and the Brow Duo has been mentioned here on the site about sixty-five million times, so it’s the Star foundation that I want to concentrate on today. This is Dior’s newest launch; a foundation that’s incredibly lightweight but that still manages to have very good coverage. A base that has a true radiance but that doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter. I think that it’s just beautiful. Here’s my skin without foundation, for purposes of demonstrating coverage:

star foundation before pictures

and here it is after I’ve applied Diorskin Star:

star foundation after pictures

I’ve done some close-ups, too. Without foundation:

model ruth crilly reviews new star foundation

and then with:

before and after pictures

I like that there’s enough coverage to properly even out skintone and cover small blemishes, but that the finish looks very real and natural. I don’t want to look as though I’m wearing foundation when I wear foundation, so all of these new-fangled barely-there bases that keep launching are ideal for me. The problem with many of them, though, is that unless you have flawless skin to start with, you’re only going to be putting a kind of “tinted blurring veil” over the top; you can still see imperfections, though they are made less obvious. With Star, I feel as though you get a proper coverage but the formula is still lightweight. Not “weightless”, but very, very light

Take a look at the video and my sponge application method; I’ve never been big on sponges, but it actually works very well with this base. I tried it with a dampened sponge too (I used the Beauty Blender from Dior, but I’m guessing that many of you will already own a makeup sponge!) which gave the sheerest coverage, a very healthy and ethereal kind of sheen. I’d highly recommend trying out Star when you pass a counter – it has launched this week exclusively at Debenhams, so easy enough to locate. It has definitely usurped Dior’s Nude foundation, for me – much lighter, but with the same (or better) coverage and an extra whack of natural glow. The foundation seems to diffuse light rather than “reflecting” it away from the skin, so it’s a really soft, overall glow with an almost matte finish, rather than anything too shiny or – haven’t heard this phrase in a while – dewy. Very modern, very chic. Tres bien. You can find Star at

Smashbox Blemish Free Primer:
Dior Star Foundation in shade 30:
Pixi Brow Duo in Medium Brown:

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