New “Every Occasion” Earrings: Star Drops

star earrings

I’m not usually into dangly earrings; my Mum once told me about a lady who ripped her ear off horse-riding because her earrings caught in a tree. (You’re welcome.) She told me this story when I was about ten and it has stuck with me ever since – to the point that it has pretty much determined, throughout my entire adult life, the kind of adornment I have chosen for my ear lobes. (Simple, non-dangly, unlikely to tangle in overhanging greenery when I’m galloping along on my non-existent horse.)

I’ve begun to chill out about it recently, though. Partly because I have no horse  (I don’t go horse riding, and the likelihood of me actually getting on a horse again after the pony trekking debacle that took place a week before my wedding is incredibly slim) but also because wearing the same sparkly studs (no matter how beautiful) becomes a bit dull after a while. You yearn to mix things up a bit – play with fire, live dangerously. Brush your face up against a well-established privet hedge, charge through the bracken on your hands and knees…

ruth crilly star earrings

I spotted these Rachel Roy star earrings on and had to have them – they are, I think, perfect for just about every occasion. They look cool and effortless when you’re dressed down, but quite glam with the right outfit. They’re a bit rock chick, or they’re a bit “spangly” and posh, depending on what you’re wearing. I’ve had lots of compliments on them, compliments I reply to with “THEY WERE THIRTY TWO QUID! ASOS!” (Does anyone else have this bad habit? Having to shout out the price of things when they feel they’ve had a bargain?) Anyway, they’re not thirty two quid anymore, they’re twenty-four. You can find them here.

*Pictures taken on my iPhone – sorry for the distorted features. I am at Mother’s with no proper camera!

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