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I have been waiting such a long time to tell you about Pai’s BioAffinity toners! Oh OK, about a month, but still. I have wanted to include them in loads of bits and pieces, but couldn’t because they weren’t out yet – but now, just this minute, they have arrived! Regular readers will know that I love Pai skincare for my ‘sensitive’ days – I use something from them pretty much every day now, whether it be the cleanser (I’m on my third lot!) the Echium Eye Cream or the Rosehip Oil.

Now we’ve touched on toners recently; I think that many of them are a waste of time – they contain too much alcohol that strips your skin, or they’re just very expensive water. However, I love the feeling of a toner on my skin after cleansing and always have done – especially when it’s hot, and so I’m always on the lookout for ones that actually do something. Pai’s BioAffinity toners use waters directly from inside plants so that they are rich in minerals and amino acids rather than just comprising of a bit of rose water and alcohol. Like all Pai products, the entire list of ingredients is out on show (no nasties hidden behind words such as ‘parfum’!) so that people with allergies and serious skin sensitivity can check for compatibility with their skin.

I have been testing out the Rice Plant & Rosemary Toner and have found it to have quite unexpected benefits. Obviously I was hoping that it would be brilliant, but really, how much can you expect from a toner? This one, though, has been made for combination skin that is also sensitive, so it covers what – at first – you would expect to be quite a niche problem. But how many people have an oily t-zone that also feels red and inflamed or just a bit sore? Swiping something that’s a bit ‘zingy’ over it might make it feel fresher, but the alcohol will probably increase skin sensitivity and, in the long-run, make the t-zone even oilier. (I’ll hold my hands up and say even I, Mrs Skincare OCD, likes a quick wipe of an astringent toner now and then!)

  Since trying out the Pai, however, I’ve had the same fresh feeling but without the tightness or ‘stripped’ sensation. In fact, my skin feels strangely moisturised after using it so now and then (once a week or so) I have been skipping the moisturiser altogether! The water doesn’t stop oiliness or mattify the skin in any way, but it’s soothing and calming and provides the refreshment that I need in these humid August days.

There’s another toner too, the Lotus & Orange Blossom, which is for dry and sensitive skin. I almost want to have dry and sensitive skin just so that I can try it! Both toners are completely alcohol free making them suitable for any skin type, including Rosacea sufferers and those prone to acne. They cost £30 for 50ml – pricey, but top quality. If you’re looking for luxury skincare but have to be careful what you use, I’d thoroughly recommend anything from Pai.

I almost forgot the offer! That’s what happens when you write posts late at night with only one eye open…

This is only for readers of A Model Recommends and I think that it’s a brilliant deal! Pai are offering an anti-ageing Echium Eye Cream (click through for my review) for every reader when they buy a toner. The eye creams are usually £24! Hurrah! All you have to do is type “PAI4AMR” (as in, pai for a model recommends!) at checkout. You get free shipping, too! (The offer shows up as a discount of 1p on your order, the eye cream won’t show.)

I’d love to know how dry and sensitive skins get on with the Lotus & Orange Blossom – both as a refreshing spritz and a toning sweep before moisturiser. (FYI, I have been following my Rice Plant & Rosemary with Pai’s Rosehip Oil. I find that I don’t need a moisturiser after this.) Right, I’m off to bed!

You can order the toner from Pai Online here:

**The offer for AMR readers runs until next Friday at Midnight. There may be a delay in US offer showing up – see comments below! xxx**

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