Newly Obsessed with Kate Middleton

On Sunday I went to the Audi Polo Challenge. I have loads of video footage and photos but am stuck with the lousiest internet connection and so I will have to bring those to you when I’m back in the UK!

I have to say that I didn’t “get” the fuss surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, until I saw her on Sunday. She had this amazing air of dignity and good old-fashioned poise, but she seemed friendly and kind and completely at ease too. The perfect modern Royal, I should think.

Bizarrely, when the prizes were being given out at the end of the match, it wasn’t Princes William or Harry who commanded an awed silence, it was Kate. As she walked up to the stand (in wedges – good girl, very sensible unlike moi) everyone stopped talking – it was like when the bride enters the church on her wedding day!

Anyway, I have video of all of this too – some of the polo match itself, very Jilly Cooper, and some of my outfit and hair and makeup. Which obviously isn’t half as interesting as looking at K-Mid, but still, I shall force it upon you and you WILL WATCH.

Ta-ta for now – just wanted to get these up seeing as though everyone else in the world has beaten me to it – with my own pictures! Grazia posted my Instagrams on Sunday and then What Kate Wore later that day, then Heart FM linked in to them yesterday. (All with my permission.) Aren’t I quite the hack with her finger on the pulse, eh? You should have seen me trying not to lose my balance in my nude patent heels and rather short dress!

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