NIA24 Sun Damage Protection

nia24 sun protectionI have spoken about this very special SPF before, but I don’t think that it ever got its own post because it was in last year’s summer skincare videos. There are two reasons why I’m re-visiting it;

1) I have been using it as a winter sunscreen on very bright, clear days and am continuously impressed by it, and

2) It’s (inexplicably!) half price in the SpaceNK sale at the moment. Down from £37 to £18.50, bringing it in at an extremely attractive price-point. Yes, I have stocked up!

NIA24 is an American skincare brand focusing on preventing and repairing skin damage – the products are all based around the effects of the Niacin Molecule “Pro-Niacin”, a remarkable molecule that helps to build the skin’s barriers from the inside out. If you suffer from dark spots (pigmented areas on your skin) or if you’re concerned about developing them in the future, then Niacin is definitely worth looking out for.

I used the NIA24 Sun Damage Protection lotion all throughout last summer (one tube lasted for a long time!) and I found it to be brilliant – light, non-greasy, not too fragranced and above-all, effective. It was nearly 40 degrees in Greece and I didn’t have a single moment of feeling as though my face was vulnerable to burning. This is a powerful SPF that protects from both UVA and UVB whilst moisturising and protecting the skin from environmental stresses.

I really rate this facial SPF – it totally beats using the same SPF that you’ve been slathering all over your body! It doesn’t clog the skin, it’s light and it’s beavering away to help repair dark spots even whilst you’re out in the sun. There’s nothing not to like!

NIA24 is £18.50 from

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