Therapy Conditioner for Thinning Hair and Scalp Problems

Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner

I’ve been using this on my itchy, flaky scalp for a few weeks now and have felt a pleasant difference. It’s possibly the only conditioner that I’ve ever been able to use all over my scalp and hair – most would be far too greasy. It has a strange minty, burny sensation that I have become quite addicted too – perhaps this is what Head & Shoulders feels like, but I would have no idea about that having never used Head & Shoulders. (The reason for this? Some advice I once had about stripping out unwanted hair-dye: “wash with Head & Shoulders and leave it in for a minute before rinsing out. It’ll strip that colour right away!” Great.)

Nioxin isn’t cheap, but it has done a great job of soothing the old head-skin. My hair looked shiny and in great condition after each use which I was surprised about because it didn’t feel at all silky or slimy when it was in the hair before rinsing! If I may be so bold, I could recommend this as a good product to wean the man onto if he is wary of ‘proper’ conditioners. It has been designed for ‘fine, thin-looking hair’ (a delicate subject, I know) and it relieves scalp tightness and tension, yet it doesn’t weight down the hair or look greasy. The packaging is also passably masculine!

In short; great for all-over conditioning of fine, thin hair without making it oily. I’m not sure that this is actually a dedicated ‘dandruff’ conditioner, but then I don’t actually have dandruff, I just have an occasionally yuk-feeling scalp. Nice to be able to treat it with a non-clogging, non-greasing formula that actually leaves hair shiny and roots clean!

Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy Conditioner, RRP £21.50 but is £17.20 with free delivery at LookFantastic HERE!

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