No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

No7 Beautifully Matte FoundationI was trying to tidy up my desk the other day. (I don’t know whether you’re familiar or not with the phrase trying to tidy, but generally this activity involves sitting very still, on a chair, in front of your computer, watching YouTube videos.) When I finally got round to actually tidying, I realised that I had a whole pile of products that I had been using on a daily basis, but not yet written about. Often, the only way that I can give a product a really thorough testing is to keep it on my desk. That way I can apply it, reapply it and faff about with it during the day when I’m sat typing and editing.

No7’s Beautifully Matte Foundation is one such product that has been through the Desk Testing process, and I have to give it a rather big Thumbs Up. It applies beautifully and absolutely banishes any oiliness or greasy shine. The amazing thing? It’s not drying or powdery. Although there’s no actual sheen or ‘glow’ in the finish, it doesn’t look cakey or chalky, it just leaves my skin looking perfect!

I have been testing this foundation throughout my Oily Stage of the month (say no more) and it has given great coverage over the army of blemishes that decided to sprout up all over my face. It feels cool upon application, blends easily (you have to work fairly quickly) and evens out skin tone really well. In terms of application upon drier skin (I have dryness towards the outsides of my face quite often) the formula still felt lovely – not moisturising, just comfortable and certainly not tight.

Gorgeous! I’d love to tell you what shade I’ve been using, but the label has fallen off. I think that it might be ‘Cream’. If you suffer from oiliness, or simply want a foundation with a perfect flawless finish, I’d recommend hot-footing it to Boots and giving this a try. If you can buy it using one of those £5 vouchers that Boots are always giving away, then all the better – that would take the price down to a mere £8.50!

No7 Beautifully Matte is available from Boots for £13.50.

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