My Favourite Noise-Cancelling Earphones are on offer!

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Slightly random post and I’m sorry for that, but I saw an offer on those Creative EP-630 earphones that I was banging on about in the summer. Do you remember the Apple Earphones rant session? I’ve spoken before about my hatred of background noise when I’m trying to work, read, or simply have a quiet train journey – my hugest, hugest bugbear is being able to hear other people’s music. It drives me insane. (If you want to hear me go on about it then have a read of my post here.)

I am on constant lookout for noise-cancelling headphones, but the high-end ones from Bose and Sennheiser and similar are quite chunky, not to mention the cost of them! Now you know that I am very willing to shell out good money for quality things that will last, but I have a habit of misplacing earphones (usually Mr AMR has “borrowed” them) and so I simply cannot justify the cost in this case. Some of the top noise-cancelling headphones are insanely good – I mean, I tried some at Heathrow recently that made me feel as though I had stepped into a soundproofed booth! I am considering investing in some for plane journeys so that I can edit film undisturbed…but then…they are an additional bulk to have to lug about with me.

I’m still absolutely sold on the original pair of earphones that I ever bought for noise-cancelling purposes. They do the job nicely and I’ve just ordered another three pairs (they are on offer, so I bought two pairs for me and one for Mr AMR who lost my previous two pairs… I told you I love them!). They sit comfortably in the ear and there’s no sound leakage. You can still hear bits and pieces in the background (they’re not like ear plugs!) but for the price, I think they’re outstanding. They used to be around £27, but then Amazon started selling them for £18. When I just logged on to buy a pair, the price was at £9.99! Hence the bulk buy.

I hope that the offer is still on, or I’m going to look like a right silly billy, but even if it’s not then I’d say that these are a splendid investment for regular travellers or commuters. If you want to look for them elsewhere then the model name is Creative EP-630 Noise Isolating Earphones. If you have other recommendations for ones that I should try, let me know in the comments. But no spam please, any tech brands reading, or my readers will GET YOU!

Oooh – I’ve just had an extra thought! In the absence of a men’s gift guide this year (no time, no time), these might make a cool little stocking filler. Kind of boring but incredibly useful!

Find them here: Creative EP-630 Noise Isolating Earphones – Black

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