Not Minding the Gap

The gap, apparently, is in fashion. Not much you can do about this if you haven’t got a gap between your teeth unless you’ve got a particularly gung-ho dentist who is prepared to do some painful work with a chisel!

(FYI, I am the one on the right, in case you didn’t know).
Anyway, I have just been reading Grazia, and it appears that I am currently ‘on-trend’ in another way, as I am sporting a Lob (or long bob)! This trendiness is not intentional, I hasten to add; I am merely finishing growing out some ridiculously bad layers that an errant Italian hair “stylist” cut into my luscious locks. He chomped away for half an hour with what felt like a rusty pair of wire cutters, and after he had finished with me, it looked as though I had been doing the tango with Edward Scissorhands.
Nevertheless, my hair is back to its former glory, and I am going to test out the versatility of the ‘long bob’ this week, starting with how it copes with heated rollers. Watch this space!

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