NuBo Diamond Peel and Reveal

NuBo Diamond Peel and RevealWhoa! This stuff is serious. I’m sat here with a face I can only describe as “new”. To be fair, you’d expect a product called “Peel & Reveal” to do something scarily spectacular – this isn’t “Buff & Brighten” or “Tickle & Tone”. My skin feels so soft and smooth and there’s no redness or irritation. This two-step treatment is supposed to give the results of an “in-office” microdermabrasion, and I can confirm that it does leave skin just as smooth and bright, but without the extreme tightness that you feel after dermabrasion. (And you don’t find about a kilo of grit and powder in your ears and nose and mouth for days afterwards!)

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried the Diamond Peel & Reveal – I had this treatment done professionally a few weeks ago, and my skin looked ultra-radiant then, too. It’s a two-step process; an Exfoliator that polishes away dead skin cells with thousands of “micronized” diamonds and then something called an Activator. The Exfoliator is a very fine, but very abrasive exfoliant compared to some of the ones I have been using recently. You really feel as though you’re working away to remove dead skin, and the scrub particles are very effective, but I didn’t feel anything untoward. No burning or stinging, just a bit of a tingle.  After a few minutes of (gently!) massaging in the Exfoliator, I applied the Activator, which foamed up and fizzed a little. Apparently, the Activator stimulates cell turnover. I have no idea how it does that, but I do know that after a minute of playing about with the foaming stuff, I rinsed and was greeted by amazingly baby-soft skin.

I like, I like a lot. NuBo is top-notch stuff, and priced accordingly, so I was surprised to find that the Diamond Peel & Reveal is £65. Before you start screaming, bear with me, because that’s £65 for two 80ml tubes of product, which works out to about £40 per 100ml. Which actually isn’t that outrageous – not for a luxury, high-performance brand. NuBo are quite special in that they look very futuristic and hi-tech, yet they are paraben and SLS-free and don’t include irritating petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours.

If you”d like to find out more about NuBo, then Harrods are offering professional NuBo facials for just £50. The best bit is that these are redeemable against the purchase of a NuBo product, so if you’re after a great introduction to the brand then this could be a very attractive prospect! You get the product for “nearly free” or a complimentary facial, depending on which way you want to look at it! There are five highly effective facials to choose from – including a Diamond one, if you fancy experiencing a professional application of the “Peel & Reveal”. Each facial is tailored to your skin type and requirements and is geared towards achieving maximum results whilst offering a relaxing, luxurious experience. Two words: yes, please.

NuBo Diamond Peel & Reveal is £65 with free delivery HERE from FeelUnique

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