NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser

NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser Hurrah and hooray to the two winners of the NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser, who are: Viktoria (Twitter @EternalLife_) and Yasminec9, both of whom should have received an email from me by now! If they haven’t, it means I have forgotten, so please do feel free to leave a comment to remind me! (Brain like sieve.)

I have been testing away with my own sample of the Advanced Cellular and can report that it is indeed very lovely. Rich but not greasy, it targets signs of ageing such as elasticity and fine lines, so it’s probably more suited to people in their late twenties onwards rather than younger skin – at £78 you don’t want to be slathering this on until you need to! I have been using it alongside the NUDE Serum and my skin has looked plump and fresh. I like having a matchy-matchy serum and moisturiser, but it’s not entirely necessary. There are benefits to using skincare from the same brand and range, though, and one of those, I think,  is that they have often been formulated specifically to work together. If you go off on a tangent, you may find yourself using a serum that counteracts the effects of the cream that you follow it with, or you might be giving your skin mixed signals. I suppose it all depends which products you mix and match with and how au fait you are with the various active ingredients.  Anyway, something to be said, there, in favour of matching serums! How do you feel about serums in general?

NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser can be found  here:  SpaceNK

Well done to Viktoria and Yasmine – there will be another giveaway very soon, I’m coming up with a plan for something special!

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