NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum

There’s something of a ‘Serum Craze’ going on at the moment and very soon I am going to be offering you a little round-up of my favourites. But in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about the newest product by NUDE – the advanced cellular renewal serum. If you’re a Space NK regular, you’ll have seen NUDE already. You may have even used what I consider to be their ‘hero’ product, the facial cleansing oil, which is one of my all-time favourites (I keep forgetting to post about that – it’s always my ‘most-used’ products that I manage to overlook!)  NUDE’s products are free from all nasties and potential nasties, including parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and silicones; they aren’t fancily perfumed or coloured and they come in very simple (but I think very cool) packaging.

I have to admit to something rather embarrassing at this point: the thing that made me rush to try this newly-launched serum was a quote on the website by Helena Christensen. I wouldn’t normally be so easily sucked in by a celebrity endorsement, but I have always loved Helena; I think that she looks incredible to this very day. Here’s her little quote:

‘After just 3 days I have the dewiest, most beautiful skin. It feels incredible and looks so much younger. I’m obsessed.’

She’s obsessed! Well if she’s obsessed then I bloody well am too. The woman looks about ninety years younger than she actually is! (It’s a little-known but perfectly true fact that Helena was modelling in the late Victorian era. The clothes were very boring, but she did as best she could, bless her.) I have been using the serum for three days now (just like Helena!) and my skin feels incredible (like Helena’s!) and looks younger (just like…. enough? OK.) In all seriousness, this is a very nice serum – applied last thing at night, it really does give fast results. My skin looked fresher and smoother than usual even on the first day. What I love about this serum, apart from all of the super-duper damage-repairing restructuring antioxidant-giving Bioactive Peptide Japanese Sea Kelp bits and pieces, is that it’s really gentle. Some serums that help cell renewal (ie, reveal younger looking skin) can be quite harsh, but I used this on my face after I had spent a whole day applying and reapplying makeup, and I found it rather soothing!

A great choice, then, if high-performance anti-ageing products are usually far too strong for your skin. I’d also say that this is a ‘good choice for any age’ type of serum – it’s light and won’t clog pores or overload your skin, so perfect to start combatting those first signs of ageing! It has a complete hyaluronic acid system which, if you want to know the brief bumph, means that it not only supplies the skin with hyaluronic acid (holds moisture to the skin) but helps the skin to synthesise its own, whilst the antioxidant Sea Kelp helps to prevent this acid from breaking down.

At £68 for 30ml, this serum is very firmly seated in the premium beauty category. However, a tiny drop really does manage to cover the whole face, and a ‘proper’ drop will do face, neck and décolleté, so I won’t be flying through the bottle at breakneck speed, hopefully! You can use any moisturiser over the top of the serum, but if you have to match your serums and moisturisers as well as your knickers and bra, then NUDE also do an age-defence moisturiser for £54.

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