Nudie High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Nudie High Waisted JeansThat’s not me in the picture! My Nudie Kai jeans are en route, but I shall be taking pictures when I put them on!

These Nudie jeans instantly caught my eye because – I’ll admit – of the price. When designer jeans now regularly cost in excess of £200, these ones at £89.50 seemed like a total bargain! I had only checked on Start (HERE) because I wanted to find out what style name my J Brand jeans were, but when I saw these at almost a third of the price I scrapped the J Brand mission!

I find high-waisted jeans to be extraordinarily comfortable. No ‘whale tale’ thong showing when you bend over to pick up your shopping bags, no ‘muffin top’ and no expanse of flesh between the bottom of your jumper and the waistband of your jeans. They do a pretty good job of holding the old tummy in too, if you’re feeling a little bit on the rotund side. Everything looks a little bit more ‘cinched in’ with a high waisted jean – you can tuck blouses in and make them look sexy, wear a shorter-length top without feeling like you’re a belly-dancer…

Once I get my jeans on, I shall demonstrate (in pictures) the various benefits of a high waisted skinny jean. And you shall be amazed.

Nudie ‘Kai’ High Waisted Jeans, £89.50 from Start London! (HERE)

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