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I have been testing out some of NUXE’s newly-launched Creme Fraiche de Beauté range – specifically the moisturising emulsion and the Masque Creme Fraiche, because I think that these are most suited to my combination skin type. Creme Fraiche de Beauté has actually existed since the late nineties, but the well-loved moisturiser has had a bit of a facelift. There’s a new hero ingredient and a “soothing action” which means that the range, previously labelled as being “for all skin types” is now suitable for “all sensitive skin”. Quite a significant change, really – trying to formulate for sensitive skin must be an absolute minefield. There are so many ingredients that can cause a reaction, and there are so many things that we can be allergic to. I always think that it’s very difficult to talk about sensitive skin because that one tiny phrase covers so many issues and complaints!

Anyway, NUXE have aimed this range at sensitive, dehydrated skin. They have tried to use active ingredients that can be easily tolerated and that will promote the natural synthesis of moisturising molecules. They have also included ingredients that will slow down water loss and help “trap” moisture to the skin. There’s something for all types of sensitive and dehydrated skin; a rich cream for very dry, an emulsion for combination and a serum and mask that will suit all types. As I mentioned, I’ve been testing the Masque and the Emulsion Hydratante – I have (at the moment, at least) dehydrated, slightly temperamental skin that is prone to breakouts. Perfect, then, for a spot of Creme Fraiche.

My first reaction on opening the products from the range was that they were powerfully fragranced – the smell of orange blossom overtook my perfume, deodorant and the diffuser sticks that are balanced precariously on the edge of my desk. As a lover of all things Orange Blossom, this pleased me greatly. Orange Blossom transports me off to exotic places and if my face cream can transport me to somewhere that’s not rainy and miserable, then so much the better. I absolutely understand, though, the need for face creams without any fragrance whatsoever and I also recognise that a heavily-scented cream might not be the best option for a sensitive face! So it’s a mixed bag really, at first glance – although the fragrance is, as far as I can tell, from the Almond and Orange White flowers in the formula and not an added synthetic one.

What about the effects of the products? I find the Emulsion Hydratante to be very effective indeed – not mattifying in an extreme way, but a lovely, fresh base on which to apply makeup. The hydration that it gives is long-lasting and my skin feels comfortable and supple. The Masque has much the same result; fresh, supple skin. I used it a couple of times after being out in the sun and it was pleasantly soothing – nice on those nights that you aren’t battering away at your face with AHA resurfacing masks. (Most nights. I’m an addict.)  I’ve also tried the rich cream (Enrichie) on my dry patches and it’s a good, intense, buttery treatment. Shea, Macadamia, Coconut and Sweet Almond provide oils for dry skins whilst the ingredients common to the range (plant milks, Aloe Vera, Salicornia) aid hydration and have the same soothing qualities.

My pick? The Creme Fraiche Light. A good all-rounder; slightly matte finish, long-lasting hydration and (if you’re OK with it) an amazing feel-good scent. It’s at Marks and Spencer for £25 – you can find the whole range here.

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