October Beauty Favourites and some Rather Good Lighting…

october favourites beauty video

Well, I have to say that the light that comes through my new living room windows is rather lovely. Here’s an unadulterated, un-Instagrammed still from my latest video (October Beauty Favourites) which was shot without any photographic lighting at around 5pm last Thursday. It’s so soft and glowy! I think that, from now on, I’ll be filming a lot of videos in exactly that spot. Perhaps I’ll have to make the background a little nicer (get rid of the Artex and perhaps crop the radiator out!) but as far as the lighting goes, I think it’s a Bingo kind of moment. Although it was a very wonderful Autumnal day – I can’t imagine it’ll be as good when the blustery, dismal times set in…

October Beauty Favourites! Two of them are on my face – the Chanel CC Cream and the new Estee Lauder Double Wear High Cover concealer. There’s also a light dusting of Max Factor’s Creme Puff face powder in “transluscent” and a lick of Clarins Be Long mascara, but that is it. Oh, hold on, there’s also a wash of a nice little peachy shadow that I found in Louise Young’s Essential Palette 2. (I’ll be writing about that soon, but in the meantime you can glance at it on BeautyBay here.) The translucent powder over the Chanel CC Cream gives a finish that is at the same time quite high in coverage, but really soft. It’s not a combination that I have ever tried before, but I will most certainly be going for it again! The new Estee Lauder concealer is gorgeous – I may like it even more than my top, top concealer, the original Double Wear version. I’ll let you know – full review to follow!

The video also features a trio of night products that I’ve found to be very effective – two of them glycolic based, one a moisturiser from Clinique. (Just another little sidenote about Liquid Gold and the myriad of questions I get from teens about it: no, you probably don’t need it yet. For blackheads, opt for a bit of Salicylic acid and invest in a really good, thorough cleanser. See Clinique’s Take the Day off or Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, two of my go-to products. Everyone else, go the hell easy on the exfoliants – I had someone asking whether three exfoliants in a day was too much! Yes! You don’t want to sandblast your face off… A couple of times a week is dandy for most. I do three if I include the peel-type masks and so on.)

Watch the video for more on the above and a couple of other things that have impressed me over the last few weeks – if you’re reading this on the Daily Fix email then please click here to view. All of the products that I show are listed below, just in case you can’t be bothered to take five minutes out and listen to me drone! For other monthly beauty favourites, click HERE!

My Faves Are:
Alpha-H Rejuvenating Cream:https://www.amodelrecommends.com/2013/…
Clinique Youth Surge Night (Oily Combination Skin):http://tidd.ly/3a6d0120
Olay Night Elixir: http://tidd.ly/3de81108
La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume: http://tidd.ly/2434b463
PitRok Deodorant: http://tidd.ly/5c5e647c
Clarins Eye Cream: http://tidd.ly/1ba2adae
Chanel CC Cream in Beige Rose – think this only comes in one shade at present. http://tidd.ly/74e3606d
Estee Lauder Stay In Place Concealer High Coverage (I used Light Warm): http://tidd.ly/80ef5c0e

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