October Beauty Round-Up

ruth crilly october beauty faves

Wow. I am actually on time with my monthly beauty round-up! (**UPDATE. Oh balls. I was on time, but scheduled this for the day after which is, as you can see, no longer October. What a tool!**) I have tried to keep it brief and focused this month, but as you will see I don’t quite manage it. And I really struggle with the words “passion face”.

Without a doubt, the star of this month’s round-up is the Alpha-H Eye Complex which is free at BeautyBay with two purchases. I have been showing it some love recently, since I found out that it has mild exfoliating properties (thanks to the Hibiscus) and it really is a fantastic product. If you’re stocking up on your Liquid Gold or Balancing Cleanser then now’s a very good time!

Other brilliant things of note that you haven’t read about already on A Model Recommends; the Passion Face Palette from Clarins and the Lee Stafford Argan Heat Spray. The palette is a weighty little blighter – you wouldn’t want to drop it on your foot! – and the heat spray is another addition to the Argan Oil frenzy, but it works well on my hair and doesn’t weigh it down! Enjoy the video – all of the product links are printed below it.


Alpha-H Free Eye Complex Offer, http://tidd.ly/e3f40068

Versace Yellow Diamond, http://tidd.ly/8d0ee137

Soap & Glory Makeup, http://tidd.ly/851dbfcc

Moroccan Natural Argan Rose Serum, http://tidd.ly/21134093

Miners Matte Factor Lip Paints, Miners Online

Clarins Passion Face Palette, http://tidd.ly/b2710970

Lee Stafford Argan Heat Spray, http://tidd.ly/90e39336

Sweater is yet ANOTHER one from Uniqlo! http://tinyurl.com/6j7h554

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