Skincare on Trial: Olay Regenerist Luminous

olay regenerist luminous review

I have been dying to start my latest skincare trial! For a whole month, beginning today, I’ll be testing out two new additions to Olay’s excellent Regenerist Luminous range*; a Skin Tone Perfecting Serum and a Brightening and Protecting Moisturiser with SPF20. You may remember that I trialled the first products to be launched in the range (an eye cream and non-SPF moisturiser) earlier in the year and had great results – I was hoping then that the range would be expanded, and I’m really pleased to be getting a chance to preview the latest products. You can read all about my trial of the Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream and Dark Circle Correcting Eye Swirl here, but just to recap for those who don’t want to leave the page; the idea behind the range is to help brighten the skin and improve luminosity, making tone more even and giving a more refreshed and healthy look. (The range was inspired by pearls and the way that light reflected from the perfectly even-toned layers, creating that Holy Grail “lit from within” effect.)

After a bit of an irritable start with the moisturiser back in the New Year, I actually began to like it so much that I continued use long after the trial ended. I purchased a replacement pot when the trial one ran out and I used it quite a lot over the summer months in the evening, as it has a nice whack of niacinamide in it which is great for preventing dark spots and skin-tone-unevenness as well as helping to minimise damage once it has been done.

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olay regenerist luminous review

My only real bugbear with the cream was that I prefer a more sumptuous texture whereas this has an almost “dry touch” finish to it; I came away from the trial feeling that if only the powers of the cream could be packed into a serum, there would be more flexibility to include the “brightening effect” in a wider range of skincare routines, slipping it on before whatever moisturiser you preferred almost like an invisible step. (I am a huge advocate of serums – bloody love them. I harp on about them at great length here, if you’d like to take a read.)

So yes; it’s fair to say I’m delighted that Olay have added a serum to the Regenerist Luminous line-up. My first application will be tonight, and I’ll be using the whole range including the aforementioned moistuirser, eye cream and the SPF20 Brightening and Protecting Moisturiser for days when my skin is going to be exposed to the sun. (HA. HA. HA. Fat chance of that!) I’m particularly excited about the serum because as well as niacinamide, it includes an Olay ingredient called Sepiwhite which is an active that manages the production of excess melanin, which is what leads to dark spots. Together with the niacinamide, it should be quite the little workhorse when it comes to keeping my skintone bright and even – I’m so tempted to book a long “winter sun” weekend to really put it through its paces!

I’d like to learn a little more about this Sepiwhite, so shall endeavour to get some more facts to regale you with before the end of the trial. When I’ve finished testing, in a month’s time, there will be some before-and-after pics (notoriously hard to do when it comes to skincare, but I try!) and also a chance to test the range for yourself because I’ll have fifty of the new products to give away. The serum and SPF20 launch in January, if you manage to get your hands on them before I finish my trial then please do add your thoughts and comments to my own.

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