Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Créme

Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Créme

I have noticed that more often than not, eye creams don’t have an in-built SPF. I always find this rather confusing, as the skin around the eyes is thinner, more prone to damage and signs of ageing – surely if there was anywhere you’d want an SPF, it’d be here! I suppose that the majority of us wear some kind of concealer underneath the eyes, and perhaps this is why skincare brands leave out the filters – I’ve also heard that it’s much more tricky to incorporate sunscreens or filters into an eye product, but I’m not sure why…

Anyway, I’ve discovered a real beauty; Ole Henriksen’s Total Truth. SPF15, full of various goodies to hydrate, nourish and firm, and the best thing of all – it’s really, really rich. It’s more of a balm than a cream. Put it this way; you could take the lid off, turn it upside down and leave it that way for a day and you probably still wouldn’t get any product dropping out! Rich creams aren’t for everybody (and in fact a large proportion of people don’t even require one) but for those that suffer from very dry skin around the eyes, it can be difficult to find something that’s moisturising enough without being greasy or uncomfortable to wear. This cream (balm!) doesn’t instantly ‘disappear’ into the skin – you won’t be able to ‘dot and pat’ with the ring finger. Instead, I apply a tiny amount with a single sweep of my fingertip and then quickly and gently smooth it in.

It doesn’t have a particular scent – just that faint ‘holiday’ smell that you pick up in many an SPF product. If you like to match your eye and face cream, there’s an SPF50+ sunscreen with a slightly lighter texture and a fruitier smell. I have used this all over my face, including around the eyes, and it works perfectly. So if you want to kill two beauty birds with one stone or you don’t need such a rich eye cream, you could consider just investing in ‘Protect the Truth’. It’s way, way cheaper per ml than the eye cream and a higher protection – just be careful if you happen to have sensitive eyes when using a facial SPF around that area.

Both products can be found at FeelUnique here: http://tidd.ly/ab1beaef

Total Truth Eye Cream SPF15 is £41 and Protect the Truth SPF50+ is £31 with free delivery.

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