Omorovicza Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream

Omorovicza fans, take a deep breath: there’s a new moisturiser to lust after! A rich, deeply-hydrating, protecting and plumping cream that’s perfect for taking skin through that treacherous transition into winter. With antioxidant ingredients, ingredients that protect and strengthen and ingredients that lift and firm, this is pretty much an all-in-one beauty powerhouse.

Despite its gloriously rich texture, I haven’t found this cream to be too much for my skin. Normally I’d have a few little spots after using something so luxurious, but not a peep out of the old breakout areas so far. Admittedly, I use the Hydra-Lifting Cream quite sparingly, warming a little between my palms and then pressing it onto the skin, but it still packs quite an incredible punch, moisture-wise, and worked wonders on my chapped, flaky nose and cheeks. (I made the mistake of sitting next to a bonfire for about ten hours. Drinking Rosé. Rookie error.) On my skin, the cream worked like a salve, or balm, just treating the areas that needed some intense care, but on that it’s kind of wasted. This is a proper “anti-ager”, tackling loss of firmness and the appearance of fine lines. I can imagine that the results on more mature or damaged skin would be significant; on mine, it plumps and refreshes and completely banishes any signs of dryness. I have been using it at night and I don’t wake with any kind of excess oil (I’m combination skin type) but then I press the cream into my cheeks rather than the T-Zone.

Has anyone else tried the Hydra-Lifting Cream? I’d be interested to know how it fares on much drier or more mature skin! Let me know. It would make a great in-flight cream or post-holiday treatment – the moisturising effects on my skin last well over twenty-four hours. The Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream costs £130 for 50ml from

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